Th8 war base anti 3 star

Th8 war base Anti 3 star Hello guys. Presenting 3‍ new anti 3 star Th8 war base for town hall 8 fellows and everyone knows there is no Th8 anti 3 star war base. Apart from that, our main focus should be at building bases which may defend at least 1-2 attacks which may give

Th9 war base ( Top 2 Funny base ) Townhall 9 war base

Top th9 war base Hey guys. In this article I am going to show you some funny th9 war base which unpredictably defend well. This th9 war base is also an weird one. Except the x-bow and clan castle compartments, all other defenses are not covered by walls. the clan castle is also at the centre, so

Townhall 9 war base Best for Tournaments (War base th9)

Top Townhall 9 war base , Best for Tournaments Hello guys. Now I am going to show 2 townhall 9 war base which you can use in the tournaments much as in your friendly wars. Oh! wait. Why these 2 bases? You can use another townhall 9 war base from other posts. Like other bases, I

Town hall 9 war base (Top 2 Asian Style New base)

Town hall 9 war base (Top 2 Asian Style base) Presenting 2 new town hall 9 war base . This style base building is becoming popular in Asian countries day by day. So our title is Asian style base building. In our articles, we always look forward to give you the weird bases because these

TH9 Base Building Guide (Anti 3 star TH9 Building tips)

TH9 Base Building Guide What is going on guys? Now I am going to describe about building an effective th9 base. From the beginning I want to clarify one thing that there is no anti 3 star war base in clash of clans. All the bases can be 3 starred with proper attack planning and

Top Th8 Th9 Th10 base (War, village,trophy,loot )

Top Th10 base th9 th8 (War, village,trophy,loot ) Before I start, I’d like to give you some advice. If you choose to use an internet base layout – they sometimes get very popular . so people learn to handle and beat them. It always helps to adapt them a little bit. Make sure to adapt