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Townhall 8 base design for war and farming

Townhall 8 Base Design for War & Farming It’s time to design a new townhall 8 base. All of the base designs I’ve shown have been so popular that they have become easier to beat. For that, I am collecting again some of the latest designs of a solid base for TH8, be it War Base or village

Goho th8 attack strategy

Goho th8 attack strategy Hello guys. How you doing? I hope you all are bored in wrecking bases with most popular DragLoon attack strategy. Joking. I am presenting another most popular and easy Town Hall 8 attack strategy called GoHo . It is a powerful attack too. GOHO stands for Golems and Hog Riders. Army

Th8 anti 3 star war base

Th8 anti 3 star war base Presenting you few new th8 anti 3 star war base . Why Anti 3-Star Bases Briefly, the main difference between a War Base and a Trophy Base is this: A Trophy Base should defend successfully from time to time to win some trophies. A Clan War Base – or