Th9 war base top Town hall 9 anti 3 star weird war base

Th9 war base,Town hall 9 anti 3 star weird war base

Welcome back to another article of Th9 war base building. In this article I am going to show you below a weird anti 3 star th9 war base. The base is so weird that attackers never find a good entry point for this base. Till now the highest percentage on this base is 99% (2 stars) thanks to the awesome troll tesla.

Why Anti 3-Star Bases

Briefly, the main difference between a th9 War Base and a th9 Trophy Base is this:

  • A Trophy Base should defend successfully from time to time to win some trophies.
  • A Clan War Base – or Anti 3-Star Base – should prevent all 3 Stars lost in Clan War but makes it rather easy to get 1 Star or 2 Stars.

So, both are defending trophies – but both do it in a different way.
The truth is, that the concept is completely different:

  • A Trophy Base works because the attacker has no replays and a very limited scouting time. Also, the attacker has to use the army he brought and can’t cook a special army for attacking this specific base.
  • An Anti 3-Star Base makes it easy to get 1 Star. Often with the offset Town Hall, but that fact also makes it impossible for an Anti 3-Star base to win even a single attack. The strength of this base is that it’s extremely hard to get the third star.

I hope you see the difference. Your Trophy Base should always protect your Town Hall and hopefully an attacker makes a mistake so you can win back some trophies. In Clan War it’s very unlikely that the attacker fails on that base, because he has so much time to prepare for the attack and might even have a replay to see a mistake and correct it. You will need to give away the 2 Star more easily to the attacker and in return make it very hard to get the 3 Star attack. Most Clan Wars nowadays are won by the number of 3 Star attacks.

Coming to the layout, first of all, I would like to describe about Barbarian King placement.And Town hall placement at 9 o clock. There are two Archer towers covering the town hall at 9 o clock. The Barbarian King is just behind the town hall. I have put some scattered walls to make funneling a bit difficult. Now-a-days everyone is habituated thinking that people keeps their tesla farming near Barbarian King in order to protect them from Hog Riders. I have also taken a vote of some people and I got the 100% same answer that the tesla farm is near Barbarian King. Damn! Then coming to the tesla farm part of this base, a mortar which is ahead of tesla farm will unite Hog Riders if they come from that side. A trap between this tesla farm adds to it’s charm.

Double Wizard towers provides a nice splash damage to Witches . Which making the base an anti Witch slap base. I have put the double giant bomb and 2 small bombs between them near xbows . Which is in order to kill the Hog Riders completely. A proper healing spell deployment may not work in this case. The Archer queen is very much protected from 3 o clock side. I have wasted walls to arise difficulty in funneling. Because attacks hardly get succeed in a poor funneling. Seeking air mines were used outside of the base to check any kind of healer attack. I have kept a troll tesla with a seeking air mine where 95% of people fails. This base has a meta or offset air defence placements making this base an anti Laloon. This base perfectly counters Witch slap, GoBoHo, Laloon, Any kind of queen walk strategy, Gobowitch etc. . best th9 war base

So I suggest you to test this base as th9 war base. You can also use this base in tournaments. Feel free to comment below if you want any changes in this base or if you cannot understand any line of this article. Keep watching the fail of opponents. Keep clashing.?

Here is the image.

th9 war base

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