Th9 war base ( Top 2 Funny base ) Townhall 9 war base

Top th9 war base

Hey guys. In this article I am going to show you some funny th9 war base which unpredictably defend well.

This th9 war base is also an weird one. Except the x-bow and clan castle compartments, all other defenses are not covered by walls. the clan castle is also at the centre, so I recommend to keep 1 baby dragon and 20 archers or a Lava hound as defensive cc troop. The interconnected compartments allow the troops to move around the base, so the troops do not go into the core. The only threat is queen walk. Here is the Th9 war base.th9 war base

Funneling is next to impossible in this weird base. So unless there is a queen walk attack, this base can defend some attacks. The tri-tesla behind the town hall prevents the entry point from that side and it also can deal a massive damage to group of incoming hog riders. A spring trap between the tri-tesla is also very much helpful.

You can move the 4 o clock tesla to any corner to make it a troll tesla which will be one of the major advantage of defending at 99%. 4 air mines are also near to the corresponding air defences which makes the base an anti air. The 6 small bombs can act as a mini Giant bomb which is effective against witches. Small bombs are not near the walls because there is no wall breaker entry point. So these bombs are designed to become a mini giant bomb.

Build this  Th9 war base just for fun. But do not use this Th9 war base in any tournaments.

The second Th9 war base is an old base which may defend some attacks. The base does not have any bomb tower. I collected this base before there is an existence of bomb tower in clash of clans. You can keep this base as a village base also to protect dark elixir. Place the bomb tower at anywhere inside the base. Here is the base.th9 war base

Build this base. Have fun. Good luck.

 i hope you like Top th9 war base

If you have any question, ask me in the comment box. I will reply with pleasure.

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