Town hall 9 war base (Top 2 Asian Style New base)

Town hall 9 war base (Top 2 Asian Style base)

Presenting 2 new town hall 9 war base . This style base building is becoming popular in Asian countries day by day. So our title is Asian style base building.

In our articles, we always look forward to give you the weird bases because these weird bases can ruin the funneling which in turn becomes a primary step for attack fail. Like other bases, I have given a name to this base and it is called “THE GREAT WALL“. The name is so because the wall structure plays a vital role in defending the ground attacks. Now no more stories. Here is the town hall 9 war hall 9 war base
Ignore the TH 10 town hall and those upgraded defenses for TH 10.

The awesome position of the air defense makes this base an anti-air also. The troll tesla pops up surprisingly and also deals a good damage against witch or wizard or archer. This base protects GoBoWitch, GoVaHo, WitchSlap so well because the core does not give too much value for double jump spell.

Build this base and have fun.

The second base is also similar to the first one. It’s name is THE CRUSHER. This base also defends the ground as well as the air attacks very well. You can keep faith on this base unless the attacker is attacking you for the second or third time.This base can win you any tournament or war for sure and i am pretty confident about this base .

Here is the town hall 9 war base.

town hall 9 war base

At last, I want to add one thing that there is no anti 3 star war base. So our primary aim should be defending 2-3 attacks . Keep clashing guys and have fun . Goodbye.

Ask me any questions in the comment box. I will reply for sure.

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