Top Th8 Th9 Th10 base (War, village,trophy,loot )

TH8 to TH10 Village, Trophy & War Base Layouts After Update (October)

Top Th10 base th9 th8 (War, village,trophy,loot )

Before I start, I’d like to give you some advice. If you choose to use an internet base layout – they sometimes get very popular . so people learn to handle and beat them. It always helps to adapt them a little bit. Make sure to adapt the trap setup after taking these th10 base , th9 base , th8 base .

Town Hall 8 Farming, Trophy Base & War Base Layouts

TownHall 8 Farming Hybrid Base(th8 hybrid base) :  For defending your trophies And resources, I recommend you this base . Because variety of compartments that will help you defend the most important structures in your base . As your Town Hall and the Dark Elixir Storage unit.

th8 village base
Town Hall 8 War Base(th8 war base) : – Going to war with this TownHall 8 War Base is working fine . Due to the confusing right side compartment design that will give attackers a tough time to controlling their troops rightly.

th8 war base

Town Hall 9 Village, Trophy Base & War Base Layouts

TH9 Trophy Base(th9 trophy base) : If you’re about to push trophies & want to go to a higher league , you surely want to check out this base layout . Because it has additional Tesla Farm that protects your Dark Elixir Storage. This section is very well-protected and hard to win for your opponent.

th9 trophy base

TownHall 9 Farming Base(th9 farming base) : For protecting resources, you should check out this layout  Here the base is designed in such a way that the base will be protected with a well defended core .

th9 village base
Town Hall 9 War Base(th9 war base) : This here is a very well-working Anti 3-Star base design you can use in Clan War as a TownHall 9. Looking at the defenses , especially air troops will have some serious problem attacking this base.

th9 war base

Town Hall 10 Farming, Trophy Base & War Base Layouts

TH 10 Dark Elixir Village Base(th10 base) : Looking for a way to defend your Dark Elixir at TH10? Well, this base will give you some solid help for protection of dark elixrs . Most attackers will approach from the bottom left side into the Town Hall. But will have a big problem overcoming the insane DPS dealt by the Inferno Towers. And with the Hidden Teslas and all X-Bows at once. wow

th10 village base

Town Hall 10 Trophy Base(th10 base for trophy) : The basic layout of this design here will take troops to the outside instead of the inside . And this is already quite a  better way to gain some extra trophies. The air trap placement works great against air attacks . And also against those trying to use a Queen Walk that will fail very fast. when triggering the Seeking Air Mines. In such a  way many attacks will fail .

th10 trophy base

TownHall 10 War Base(th10 base for war) : The dead zones around the core with the Town Hall make it a nightmare to funnel troops in . And the sections at the bottom and the left and right side are also extremely unpredictable in terms of funneling and trap prediction. This the best way you can win in Wars .

th10 base

I hope you see the difference. Your Base should always protect your Town Hall . Howver an attacker makes a mistake so you can win back some trophies. In Clan War it’s very unlikely that the attacker fails on that base. Because he has so much time to prepare for the attack and might even have a replay to see a mistake and correct it. You will need to give away the 2 Star more easily to the attacker . In return make it very hard to get the 3 Star attack .  Most Clan Wars nowadays are won by the number of 3 Star attacks.


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