Townhall 8 Base Design for War & Farming

It’s time to design a new base. All of the base designs I’ve shown have been so popular that they have become easier to beat. For that, I am collecting again some of the latest designs of a solid base for TH8, be it War Base or village .

TH8 War Base 

In Clan Wars, you may often experience your base being attacked by an opponent with higher town-hall level . This is really annoying, but this will only happen if your opposition TH8 is not able to level your base – with the following designs, you can make your opponent defeat.

Th8 Anti Dragon Base Design

Th8 Base War Design is aimed at crippling the Dragon attack, a type of strategy that surprisingly still quite popular to use.

With Air Defense in the middle and a difficult layout to direct the Dragon directly to the heart of the base, it would be very difficult to flatten this base with a Dragon attack.

Th8 Best War Base Design Anti Hog Rider  GoHo / GoVaHo / GoVaBo

The layout of this base is potent against the Hog Riders. Complete with Bomb Tower and unpredictable trap positions – attackers will only see four possible positions and they are all very dangerous for the Hog Rider.
The more attackers who use the Hog Riders and this base will be hard to trim with the Hog Riders. I personally recommend this base.

TH8 War Base May Be Anti 3 Stars

Design Bases This war aims to dispel any kind of offensive strategy – positioning trap potent against Rider of Hogs, the position of Air Defense in the middle and a nice layout to fight the Dragon and the position trap springs are reliable to fight Giant / Healer ( Giant / Healer ).

All the traps are inside the fence so it is not easily triggered from the outside.

TH8 War Base

The following designs utilize the heart of an isolated base, great for fighting almost any type of attack.

Seeing reruns of attacks on this base, many have failed to destroy the Town Hall because troops tend to surround it. A great way to keep your last Star.

Design of TH8 Farming Base

Protects the property while farming in TH8 can be very difficult. Here are some basic designs that I recommend, depending on what your purpose is. There is a powerful dark Elixir farming design base , there are also two versatile designs to protect all your treasures (as well as possible).

It is important to spread Storage positions so that attackers can not specifically target them. Thus, the risk of an attacker can seize all your property without having to level the base can be minimized.

Th8 Farming Base to Protect the Dark Elixir

TH8 Farming Base is designed to help protect the Dark Elixir. The Dark Elixir Store is deep inside the heart of the base so it is impossible to reach it without struggling – something very rare in TH8 considering many other targets that are much more vulnerable.

The somewhat open Town Hall positions provoke the attacker so most will only target Town Hall to get a small percentage of Dark Elixir and Stars for the League Bonus, which means at the same time awarding the Shield to you.

Please note that the design of this base is only good if you want to save and protect the Dark Elixir. If you also want to protect other property, try design of TH8 farming base next.

TH8 Multifunction Farming Base

You will be surprised by the number of failed attacks on this base. If you want to protect your entire treasure, you also have to take care of your Town Hall. Town Hall keeps the treasures equivalent to 1 Gold Storage, 1 Deposit Elixir and 20% of all Dark Elixirs you have.

Although it looks rather open to a farming base, Storage on the outside is guarded by a splash-resistance area. It is not easy to just aim at it.

TH8 Farming Base with Funnel Path

The following bases include a classic multi functional farming base. His heart protects Dark Elixir and Town Hall, while all Storage is placed on the outer side of the funnel lane.

There is no easy way to reach the Deposit. You will only lose no more than two Depositors, worthy sacrifices because you will also get a Shield by it.


Depends on you want to defend against what. The above base designs are very tough, especially the second battlefield. Change the position of the trap-trap so it is not easy to predict anyone.


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