Townhall 9 war base Best for Tournaments (War base th9)

Top Townhall 9 war base , Best for Tournaments

Hello guys. Now I am going to show 2 townhall 9 war base which you can use in the tournaments much as in your friendly wars. Oh! wait. Why these 2 bases? You can use another townhall 9 war base from other posts.

Like other bases, I also have given names to these 2 bases.First of all the name of the first base is MINAR. Honestly, there is no explanation regarding the name of the base, but by names, the bases are easy for identification. I hope you have read our previous base building posts.Here is the base.Townhall 9 war base

Archer queen is protected by quad tesla while Specially this base does not have an good entry point. No matter wherever you start however you need a very good funneling while a single mistake can lead to fail. Air defenses are close to one another which helps preventing air attacks like Laloon or GoBoLaLoon etc. Rather you can modify this base putting the Barbarian king a bit inside and Build this townhall 9 war base. Have fun.

The name of townhall 9 second war base is MEGA REVENGE ISLAND“and It is similar to the first base hence Wall structure is also a bit similar to the first one . Here is the townhall 9 war base.

townhall 9 war base 2
You can keep 2 tesla in 9 o clock and 3 o clock corner. I suggest to build this base if you are going for any tournaments or to any friendly wars. This base is weird and it also raises the faith of defending attacks.

This base prevents any type of air attack most of all any attack . Do not worry about those air defenses which are outside. All the defensive as well as the trash buildings are well positioned. This base defends very well against different ground attacks also. As a result i can say this base is most noteworthy .

So you can build any bases and It just costs 50$.


Just kidding. Have a blissful day! And goodbye .

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